Your personal brand is a promise to your clients… a promise of quality, consistency, competency, and reliability"- Jason Hartman

"The best thing money can buy is financial freedom" 


Nashville native Tracy Harris attended Hillsboro High School and later Tennessee State University with an interest in Business. While attending the university he accepted an opportunity to work within the music industry; contributing to southern regional success of labels, artists, and producers. 


While wearing several hats he honed skills in management, branding, and marketing that later translated to corporate America. Quickly learning the corporate day to day operations, Trace found that his tact for detail served as an advantage. Branding was the common theme for Tracy's corporate duties where he uses this and experience is what Trace leverages for new and small businesses. As a Wix expert with an eye for finding the brand's focal point Trace helps our community by taking the 1st step towards digital presence.  


Montgomery, Alabama native, Kandace Harris attended school in Nashville, Tennessee
where she earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Lipscomb
University and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Fisk University.
Kandace used her 10+ years in banking to fill the financial literacy gaps within her community and was recognized as Nashville’s Top 30 Under 30 young professionals in 2018.


She is a collaborative leader with experience in identifying, developing, and maintaining
strategic relationships and passionate about providing educational, technical, and
financial opportunities to underserved communities. She is a strong executor in getting things done and focused leader in helping arrange goals with measurable actions.

Kandace assists with identifying your goals and creating a financial plan in alignment with those set targets. She coaches you along the way to ensure that you are accountable to the goals you set.


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